13 IKEA Products Whose Names Make Little Sense

13 IKEA Products Whose Names Make Little Sense

f you’ve ever been to an IKEA store, or rather if you’ve ever found yourself trapped in the maze that is one of their stores, you’ll be familiar with the Swedish names they give their products. Generally speaking, these names denote the type of function that product will perform, so ‘DISKA’ translation “to wash dishes” is the name of a dishwashing brush. Seems logical enough doesn’t it? It’s a very succinct and efficient way of making sure consumers know the product does what it says on the label.
Except when it comes to the following 12 examples. Here their names make no sense at all – maybe the right words were already taken? Maybe it was 5.30pm on a Friday and the person in charge of selecting thousands of functional names had simply had enough. Either way, they make for entertaining viewing.
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