Fun Photos of Personality-Filled Frogs

Fun Photos of Personality-Filled Frogs

Is that tiny frog holding a leaf like an umbrella, to shield himself from the rain? Yes, and it's just one of several amazing shots by photographers who feature the tailless amphibians in their photos. Photographer Penkdix Paime shot the tiny tree frog in his neighbor's backyard in Jember, East Java, Indonesia. The clever frog used the leaf as his umbrella for more than 30 minutes as the rain pitter-pattered all around him.
After showing you some fantastic photos of some very expressive owls, I thought it was time to turn our attention to the often neglected green friend that's found mostly in the rainforest. Incredibly, there are approximately 4,800 recorded species of frogs, making it one of the most diverse group of vertebrates around.
Now, please enjoy our top 14 photos of personality-filled frogs.


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