Infographic: The Truth About How Beer Saved The World

Infographic: The Truth About How Beer Saved The World

It might sound slightly ludicrous, but if you were one of the Egyptian builders working on the Pyramids in 1600 BC, your daily wage wasn’t in the form of currency – but 1 gallon of beer. In retrospect, that sounds like a good deal right? Although having a hangover of epic proportions, whilst attempting to build one of the Seven Wonders Of The World in the scorching sun probably wasn’t the smartest move.
Another example of beer fandom amongst the annuals of history, takes us across to the United States. The founding fathers of America, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams & Ben Franklin aside from being astute & visionary individuals, were also all brewers and avid drinkers of beer. In fact it was over several beers at their local tavern that they decided to start the revolution. Did several the jugs of malt & hops single-handedly cause them to rise up in the name of liberty for the common man? Probably not, but there’s no denying it helped the cause along that night.
Those are just a few of the interesting tidbits from the ‘Beer Saved The World’ infographic below, you’ll find many more facts, figures and trivia as you scroll down. So next time you relaxing with a beer in your hand enjoying those hops, just think, without them the world could be a very very different place right now.
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