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A Cute Redditor Teaches You How To Make A Dress Out Of A Turtleneck

A Cute Redditor Teaches You How To Make A Dress Out Of A Turtleneck (1 photo)

So here’s something weird/creative/interesting. You can find the full images complete with step-by-step instructions here. As much as I enjoy the ingenuity and overall oddness of a resourceful and fashion forward Redditor sharing how to turn a huge turtleneck into a dress I can’t quite bring myself to cut and paste the instructions.
Besides, like most things on Reddit half the fun comes from the comments, where in this instance SarahPanda’s contribution has inspired random hairy dudes from around the globe to raid their own closets and share results. I’d include some of those here but they’re borderline NSFW thanks to pretty much everything about them.

If you need me I’ll be adding this to my “tried and loved” section on Pinterest.

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