Louisiana Fourth Graders Learn About Pimps in Their Homework

Louisiana Fourth Graders Learn About Pimps in Their Homework

You might not think that students learning about the various uses of the word “twister” would get an indirect lesson in prostitution, but some fourth graders in Louisiana are receiving just such an education.
Brittney Badeaux, the mother of a 9-year-old student at Eaton Park Elementary School in Southern Louisiana’s Vermilion Parish, was quite surprised when her son brought home a school worksheet describing a song by the hip-hop artist Twista called ‘Po Pimp.’
Badeaux sent a copy of the worksheet to the radio station KPEL in nearby Lafayette, writing beneath the Twista item, “Is this really appropriate for a 9 year old! Would you like to explain what a pimp is to my son?? I’m not happy about this.”
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