London Then and Now in Streetmuseum App

London Then and Now in Streetmuseum App

“For most Londoners, the most common view they enjoy as they trudge to work is the back of another commuter's head. But now, thanks to the Streetmuseum app, anyone traipsing through the capital's streets can step back in time to see what London looked like in the 19th and 20th century compared with today – all in the same image.
A vast amount of different locations are available to view, ranging from Blackfriars station in 1930 to Oxford Street at the turn of the 20th century. Popular spots such as Covent Garden, Tower Bridge and Hyde Park are also included. Unsurprisingly, Streetmusem has been popular with both residents and tourists, and its rise to prominence has seen it accumulate 125,000 downloads so far on iTunes and Android, surpassing their original target of just 5,000”. – Joe Krishnan via The Independent


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