See This 93 Year Old Man? Only 5 People Knew What He Just Did…

See This 93 Year Old Man? Only 5 People Knew What He Just Did…

Last month reddit user SocialFlotsam posted pictures of his good friend
Bill , a 93 year old Airborne Paratrooper and WWII Veteran, onto the social media site. SocialFlotsam’s reasons for posting about Bill was to help him realize a dream of his. Bill had been trying to do one more jump, but needed to find an organization that would take him up.
After that, the amount of support from random people online for Bill was overwhelming. They were originally hoping to get a handful of suggestions on were he might be able to go. Instead offers of help and encouragement poured in. So many people offered to jump with Bill, to pay for his jump, to document it, and to come and support him on jump day that Bill went from feeling he had zero options to suddenly being able to go anywhere he wanted.
SocialFlotsam says that “Being the man he is Bill was extremely grateful but in the end chose to do what I figured he would do. He went back to the first place he called, paid for it himself, and only told 5 people the time and place. He passed up newspaper, magazine and TV interviews because for him it was only about the jump.”


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