Deliberate Accidents of People Consumed by Material Goods

Deliberate Accidents of People Consumed by Material Goods

In this whimsical collection of contrived falls, Italian photographer Sandro Giordoan (@__remmidemmi), has taken his own personal experience and created a narrative with a meaningful message. Last summer, a small bicycle accident left him with a 30% loss of the functions in his right hand because he didn't let go of the object he was holding when trying to catch himself during the fall. Separately, one of the artist's friends broke a leg when trying to save a smartphone from falling into water.
The hilarious collection, In Extremis (bodies with no regret), is both wildly entertaining and a bit disconcerting. Giordoan narrows in on a culture that is extremely consumed by material goods, so much so that they are willing to risk their own personal safety to protect the items they are holding during massive tumbles. "I immediately felt the urgency to capture the moment of impact," explains Giordoan. "I wanted to talk about obsessions, neurosis, and frailties of our times through my personal experience.”


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