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Front-Loading Washer Converted into Amazing DIY Fluorescent Aquarium от Katarina за 15 jan 2015

Front-Loading Washer Converted into Amazing DIY Fluorescent Aquarium от Katarina за 15 jan 2015 (7 photo)


Dean Eaton (a.k.a. lava_lump), the owner of an appliance sales, service, and parts business in Rochester, NY, recently took on the challenge of converting a front-loading washing machine into a fully functioning, well-lit aquarium to house several GloFish. Working with a friend, he stripped and cleaned the washer, installed LED lights, and suspended a tank inside the machine. Viewed through the convex surface of the washer door, the magnified interior presents a cool look at an aquarium lit up by color-changing LEDs and fluorescent fish.


Tags: aquarium  washer  
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