Shadows And Mist: I Draw Mystical Creatures With Graphite

Shadows And Mist: I Draw Mystical Creatures With Graphite

For its way to reveal the texture of the paper, as well as the material on itself, the graphite is the ideal medium to achieve the atmosphere I want to bring out in my artworks. It allows a full and obvious light and shadows play. It’s a restless backward and forward movement between light and shadows, one existing only in relation to the other. The merging blacks and grays offer countless landscapes, discreet but real, awaiting for one’s imagination to get into. My inspirations find their origins in nordic and celtic mythology, as the symbols they carry. I’m fascinated by the omnipresence of this savage Nature, full of ageless creatures playing by unknown laws to us. These forests, these sanctuaries, made out ancient trees endowing knotted roots and branches, are talking about old times.


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