I Used 77,886 Office Staples To Create These Star Wars Characters

I Used 77,886 Office Staples To Create These Star Wars Characters

When my wife and I were expecting our first child I made a switch from using a paintbrush or etching needle in my art to using a common office stapler. Since I have a home studio, I didn’t want the toxicity of these traditional materials to affect our unborn child. All my life I had the need to create but now it was imperative to do so with healthier alternatives. I think my staple mosaics are not a far departure from the etchings or cityscape oil paintings that I am known for. Staples, just like an etched line, can be bold and graphic or soft and subdued. When I use colored staples, each one acts like a dash of paint in a painting and when viewed from only a few steps back is optically mixed.


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