Countries with the Most Expensive Average Cell Phone Bill

Countries with the Most Expensive Average Cell Phone Bill

Whether you call it the hand phone, cell phone or mobile phone, can you imagine a world without these gadgets? Better yet, do you even still remember how it was before the advent of cell phones? They have become such a part of our lives that being without it is just like being undressed. You will just feel so naked without your cell phone. With ever-advancing technology, the cell phone has become more than just a gadget to make or receive calls. It is also how we send and receive quick messages, we use it to check the Internet, we need it for our emails, it serves as an organizer and planner, and we can even use it as a camera. Of course, with its ownership come the costs. Service providers are the lifeblood of these phones; otherwise, probably half of its functions would become useless. The problem is that the costs may vary depending on what part of the world you are in. Some people may have the ill luck of being stuck with a service provider that charges by the data byte.


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