The Deadliest Animals on Earth

The Deadliest Animals on Earth

Man is widely considered to be the deadliest animal on the planet, mostly because it’s hard to match the killing power of our guns and nuclear bombs. Even so, there are plenty of lethal predators out there that are more than willing to take us on and, if fortune favors these creates in battle, rip a chunk out of our flesh, or even end our lives.
Of course you’ll recognize some of the most formidable hunters on Earth on this list, and they deserve their fearsome reputations as man-eaters. However, some top predators like killer whales (orcas) didn’t make the list, because they don’t pose a real threat to human beings. Others on the list, like certain insect species, may surprise you — get ready to have your mind boggled by the number of people they dispatch every year.
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