Dog shoots owner in the leg

Dog shoots owner in the leg

Gregory Dale Lanier was driving his car with his dog when something unusual happened. The Dog (Unnamed at this point) Happened to kick a gun which Lanier had thought was Unloaded. It Wasn't. The Gun went off shooting Lanier in the leg. In Case Your wondering the dog was not arrested by the Police and Lanier is doing just fine. For Such a strange story this isn't the first time this happened. There have been several dog owner shootings in the past couple years. Just last year in fact while on a hunting trip a dog got excited and jumped up on his owner with a gun in his hand the dogs paw hit the trigger and the mans hand had to be amputated. Its amazing how often these stories occur. Maybe next time you should leave the gun or dog at home, together they can make for a dangerous combo.


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