Smiley The Ferocious Dolphin Has A Truly Killer Smile

Smiley The Ferocious Dolphin Has A Truly Killer Smile


Don’t be fooled by that toothy grin. The false killer whale (that’s what it’s called — really!) is actually a smiling deathtrap. And it's not a whale; it’s a big-ass dolphin. The murderous mega-dolphin pictured above is named Smiley, and he was photographed off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Smiley shares the predatory instincts of actual killer whales — they kill and eat fellow cetaceans (large sea mammals like dolphins and whales). Thanks to worldwide love of sushi (also known as overfishing), the false killer whale population is in serious decline, with an estimated population between 150 and 400. Think about that smile the next time you're ordering sashimi.

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