Amazing Pets With Disabilities, Cute Furry Friends

Amazing Pets With Disabilities, Cute Furry Friends


Say hello to Diego the Chihuahua and his best friend Nixon the pug. Although he’s blind, Diego listens to the tapping of Nixon’s nails as he walks around new surroundings to help guide him. It’s a case of a guide dog, for a dog as it were! The talented Carli Davidson is not only an internationally recognized award winning photographer, she’s also an experienced animal trainer and caretaker (she’s even worked at a zoo) – plus the proud owned of an incredibly loud black cat named Yushi. All of which goes a long way into explaining her passion for animal welfare and her latest series of images – ‘Pets With Disabilities’ It all started after she asked her local community to submit photos of their handicapped dogs via Facebook* and within days the word had spread and the submissions had come flooding in.


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