Orphaned Polar Bear Cub Rescued - Real Life Bambi

Orphaned Polar Bear Cub Rescued - Real Life Bambi


If you take the story of Bambi and replace the deer with a polar bear you get the story of Kali. The story starts off sad with a native Alaskan Inupiat substance hunter named James Tazruk shooting a polar bear which he is allowed to do by federal law. After inspecting the bear he saw that it had been nursing. Tazruk then followed the mother polar bear tracks more than 1,200 feet until he found the polar bears den with her cub inside. Tazruk took the little bear cub by snowmobile to his home village 40 miles away and then contacted the Alaska Zoo. The zoo then welcomed in the cub who is now named Kali. In the summer Kali will be moved to the Buffalo Zoo where he will be raised with another polar bear cub named Luna.


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