Lentil Bean The Bulldog Puppy With A Cleft Palate Is Too Cute

Lentil Bean The Bulldog Puppy With A Cleft Palate Is Too Cute (13 photo)


Lentil Bean the puppy trying to overcome a cleft palate was only 5.7 ounces at birth. It will take a full year before the puppy is strong enough to endure corrective surgery. This french bulldog puppy also had a sister named Edamame who also was born with a cleft palate and deformed snout but unfortunatly died 24 hours after birth. The foster mom of Lentil Bean is keeping good care of him feeding The pup through a tube every two hours. Lentil Bean continues to gain an ounce a day and picking up fame all over the internet. Lentil already has over 44,000 "likes" on his Facebook page.


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