Haunting & Evocative Photos Of Dogs Left Abandoned In Cars

Haunting & Evocative Photos Of Dogs Left Abandoned In Cars

It all began when Martin Usborne, a British photo journalist, started to do some reporting on individuals who leave their pet dogs locked up inside their respective cars and vans. But his initial investigation turned into the poignant photographic series he’s called ‘The Silence of Dogs in Cars’.
His inspiration came from “childhood memory of waiting in a car whilst his parents were shopping in a supermarket, and the youthful fear that they would not return.”. His evocative images capture ‘mans best friend’ in their most thoughtful, vulnerable and reflective moments.
There’s a strange sense of loss, hopelessness and even sadness contained on the face of each of his four-legged subjects. It seems that just like Usborne‘s childhood, they too are worried about their owners true intent…
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