This Adorably Fluffy Two-Legged Cat Is The Real-Life Hovercat

This Adorably Fluffy Two-Legged Cat Is The Real-Life Hovercat

Sooo... it's Friday afternoon and all you are thinking about is the weekend while you are stuck at work. Wait, was I the only one thinking about that? Damn. How about pictures and video of an elderly two-legged cat who learned how to walk and run on two legs? Caffrey the Persian cat lost his left hind leg at age three, when he was run over by a car. For the next ten years, Caffrey tooled around England on three legs. Then he lost his front left paw to kitty cancer, which sounds adorable but is decidedly not so.
The amputation of Caffrey’s left paw was controversial. Some vets thought leaving him with only the two legs on his right side to save his life would make it impossible for him to walk and would be more cruel than leaving the cancer be. Caffrey, being a cat, responded with a “screw physics” and learned how to run on his two right legs. Physics ain’t got nothin’ on cats.


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