Meet Norm, the Personality-Filled Pug

Meet Norm, the Personality-Filled Pug

In the latest issue of Ludique Magazine, the online publication all about mobile photography, you'll find a great little story about one of the most personality-filled pugs you'll ever come across. Seattle-based Jeremy Veach has been the proud owner of Norm, his four-legged friend, since the pup was just 8 weeks old (he's now 1 1/2). Soon after Jeremy got him, he started taking photos of the photogenic dog, inspired by some canine favorites like good 'ol Maddie, and began posting them on Instagram*. (Jermzlee now has almost 24,000 followers.)
Most hilarious are the "selfies" where it looks like Norm is taking a picture of himself. All in all, we can appreciate how owner Jeremy always changes things up, adding funny captions and even posing with Norm in a few of the shots.
"He loves the pictures and gets really into it," Jeremy told Ludique. "And when there is something he doesn't like, I can tell, and I just will move on to a new idea."
Now here are some of our favorite shots.


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