Otterly Cute!

Otterly Cute!


They are smart, fearless, mischievous, cute, and funny. Who? Otters! Here are some interesting facts about them, you might have not known.

  1. There's fossil evidence that otters have been around for at least 5 million years.
  2. They can remain under water for up to 4 minutes.
  3. They are the only marine mammal that doesn't have blubber (only fur for protection).
  4. Otters are one of the most skilled creatures in the world and have the ability to create and use tools like monkeys and apes.
  5. Besides navigation otters use their powerful tales as weapons.
  6. They are related to badgers, ferrets and mink, and not at all to beavers, although they often get confused with them.

Well now that you're a little more educated, check out these cute and hilarious pics.

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