10 Bloody Mary recipes by Iron Chef Jose Garce.

10 Bloody Mary recipes by Iron Chef Jose Garce.

Normally, one does not go to a news site for drink recipes, but finding this one was the exception. Fox News wrote an article for 10 Bloody Mary Recipes inspired by International Cities. Designed by Iron Chef Jose Garces, for Renaissance Hotels special Bar Menu, these 10 cocktails are intriguing to try. While I, Dottiepineapple, may not be skilled as a Iron Chef, has created her own fantastic bloody mary recipe.
DottiePineapples Recipe. Its more of a basic bloody mary recipe, yet with one owns interpretations. Start with 16oz jar of ORGANIC tomatoes. Very important that they are organic for the flavor. If you are not into flavor, skip ahead for pretty pictures below. Tequila 6oz, one's preference, recommendations that it be gold. Being not a scientist, there are a couple of veg descriptions. Dash of each: Red pepper flakes, Cayenne pepper, White pepper, Black pepper, Smoked paprika, Celery salt and Salt. Choose only one of the following: Worcestershire sauce (classic), Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Olive Juice. Warning: be aware how much salt you add. Hand Blend tomatoes and flavor, pore over 2/3 full tall glass, garnish with Celery, Cilantro, and Lemon/Lime wedge. Makes 6... enjoy!


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