Local Art: Freedom to Create.

Local Art: Freedom to Create.


Local artists are always appreciated. Today, I had to stop and think. Think about what have I created recently. As people living in a modern age, we are always moving nomadically, from place to place. From work, to school, to the bank, to the grocery store, to pick up the kids, to grab dinner, to hang out. How many times during that span of a day is there time to stop and think? How many times through out that day is there time to create? Not just tangible creations, but ideas, and connections. I've come to the conclusion that there is no nobler endeavour than to create; because creation is the most honest lie that can be told. In any case, I hope these pieces of art, help you be inspired. These are origional pieces from the world renouned Dottie Pineapple. 


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