Who Is Slender Man? He eats your Children.

Who Is Slender Man? He eats your Children.


Just Kidding! As you may, or may not be able to tell, this post is tagged as "popular, viral, and MYTH". Why? Because slender man is the newest viral meme that will keep you up at night wondering if your children are ok. Appearently, someone has a really good team of viral marketers preparing you for their latest movie. The Slender man popped out of thin air, out of no where, and started to become popular. All of asudden, people started posting pictures of this guy and it became popular. Overall, the "scary slender man" is a myth, and you are silly for buying into it. Just as a heads up, if you are watching this late at night, you might want to skip out. Although the pictures below are FICTIONAL, I am obligated to warn you that they are "scary" or "inappropriate for young audiences". Considering the Slender Man goes after young children, I would say, this whole myth is inappropriate for young audiences. 

Tounge and Cheeky? Why yes, I am =]

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