Explosive & Glorious Photography By Alan Sailer

Explosive & Glorious Photography By Alan Sailer


What do you get when you mix a pellet rifle, a basement, ingenuity & frozen strawberries? Well, if you’re Alan Sailer you create some truly brilliant and startlingly beautiful photographs. Blasting and exploding anything from fruit to christmas decorations to chocolate bunnies, he captured their intimate moments of self destruction using a microsecond spark flash. His work is even more impressive when you consider the fact he built the flash unit himself with help from a 1974 Scientific American article and a 1984 operation manual. Amusingly enough he advises caution if you’re contemplating on building your own, simply stating “If you do decide to try and build a flash from this information, please be careful. The main storage capacitor is pure death.” But with results like these, surely it’s worth the risk?

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