Soldier Portraits Before, During and After War

Soldier Portraits Before, During and After War

Many times pictures speak louder than stories: by creating a time-lapse portrait series of soldiers before, during and after the war, Lalage Snow reveals more about their psychological drama then their own words could. Titled “We are the not dead”, the portraits show an 8 month span in the lives of the British soldiers that were deployed in Afghanistan, and the changes in their eventually weary faces are striking.
The British journalist, photographer and film maker, Currently based in Afghanistan, explains that this project was aimed at drawing the attention away from the politics of war and from the growing body count of British soldiers that were killed or wounded. Besides acknowledging their bravery, Lalage also wanted to give them a chance to make themselves heard: “‘We Are The Not Dead’ is an attempt at giving the brave young men and women the chance to explain how it really is.”
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