Breathtaking Cave of Crystals 1000ft Below Mexican Desert

Breathtaking Cave of Crystals 1000ft Below Mexican Desert

A breath-taking cave of crystals was discovered by two brothers while drilling in the Naica silver and lead mine nearly 1.000 ft below the Chihuaha Desert in Mexico. The cave is estimated to be around 600.000 years old and is filled with over 170 luminous obelisks that are up to 37 ft hight. Millions of years ago the ground water that’s saturated with calcium sulphate was warmed by magma about a mile below, and started to penetrate the cave. When magma started to cool, the minerals began to precipitate out of the water and thus formed the blade-sharp crystals.
The crystals kept growing till 1985, when the cave was discovered and and drained by the miners. Even though the crystals resemble icicles and suggest it should be bloody freezing in there, the temperature actually reaches 112 degrees F, and the humidity measures up to 90-100%. Such conditions make it impossible to enter without a protective suit and backpacks filled with ice-cooled air. The pictures from the cave look fantasy movie scenes, don’t they?
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