Baked Gingerbread Christmas Magic

Baked Gingerbread Christmas Magic

Can you imagine Christmas without gingerbread cookies or other baked gingerbread goods? Most of us can’t. In fact, many people like them and yet don’t know that the tradition of using ginger to make a delicious sweet treat began in Europe around the 11th century. At first European monks used to make honey cakes with honey that they would harvest themselves. When ginger spice became more frequent and people got the chance to use it in cooking and baking, the spice was added to the honey-spice cakes, turning their honey cakes into gingerbread.
From then on gingerbread became a part of the Christmas tradition. If you haven’t tried making anything else apart from the regular and simple gingerbread cookies, now is the time to practice more and master the art. Get inspired by these extraordinary, almost art-like pieces – gingerbread creations, which were submitted to Canada’s National Gingerbread Showcase 2012.
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