Intricate 360 Degree Christmas Book by Yusuke Oono

Intricate 360 Degree Christmas Book by Yusuke Oono

At first glance the 360° Book looks just like any other palm-sized little book. But when you open it, it reveals an amazing multidimensional story, a new kind of 3D world. The book was created by Yusuke Oono, a partner at Noiz Architects, who laser-cut it and created the concept.
The book also won the Cafe Fab 2012 laser cutter design contest, where desginers where invited to present their creations, made with typical industrial tools. Yusuke won two top honors by the decision of the international judges panel, and is definitely worth it. It tells the well-known fairy tale about the Snow White. The pages are filled with a variety of figurines, such as dwarfs, forest animals, a princess and of course a witch, holding an apple. So it’s an old-fashioned story told in a new way. 360° Book is where tradition and technology meets.
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