Beyonce For H&M This Summer?

Beyonce For H&M This Summer?

Is Beyoncé crazy in love with H&M or is she actually doing a photoshoot for their summer collection? The Swedish high street retailer on has declined to comment on reports that the singer was photographed in the Bahamas last week wearing tropical-printed swimwear, in what was rumored to be a campaign shoot for H&M. One of Beyoncé’s backup dancers, Kimberly Gipson, posted a status update on Facebook* that started the rumor: According to a screen grab of the post on her official page KiMMiE GEE, she wrote: “First day of rhsl in the Bahamas! Alriiiiiight H&M…Let’s Go!” H&M has previously tapped celebrities as varied as Lana Del Rey, Johnny Depp and Kylie Minogue to star in its ad campaigns.

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