Photoshop? Nope, in 1963 People Had to Really Get Creative

Photoshop? Nope, in 1963 People Had to Really Get Creative


This 1963 fashion series by Melvin Sokolsky for Harper's Bazaar magazine is one for the books. To create the iconic "Bubble" images, model Simone d'Aillencourt had to climb into a plexiglass ball that was actually suspended in the air by a cable and crane.

The bubble in the series is made of Plastivew and is composed of two hemispheres with a 1/8-inch crack to allow for breathing room. Then the bubble was hung from a very thin, but strong cable. (It could have also held up a Cadillac!) This was probably one of the easiest shoots I’ve ever done in my life because there were no hair or makeup interruptions. No one could touch her in the bubble—so it was just her and I creating the images.” — Melvin Sokolosky




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