25 Incredible Photos Made Without Photoshop

25 Incredible Photos Made Without Photoshop (26 photo)

Aren’t you tired of all those digitally modified photoshopped pictures?
A girl sends you her picture, and when you meet her the Photoshop effects are gone on her face.
Nowadays you can’t believe even your friend who’s showing his newest photos from his trip to Egypt, because all those photos might be photoshopped.
It’s a scary world we’re living in - full of lies, sins and photoshopped images.
But things can be different. There are brave people who said NO to Photoshop and did everything in an old fashioned way.
Enjoy this little collection of Forced Perspectives, and send me more if you have.
Update: just got these 3 (Stork, Jesus and Dancer) by email, with no image credits, if you know them please contact panda, and I will add them here.

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