Abandoned Building Photography by Maša Kores

Abandoned Building Photography by Maša Kores

Maša Kores is a singular girl. She lives in Slovenia, a small country wedged between Italy and Croatia on the Adriatic coast. She likes taking photographs. Her subject matter may not appeal to many, but for her, abandoned building hold the same beauty as a perfect sunset. Her penchant for derelict buildings started 5 years ago when true to form she was off exploring and came across and old abandoned hotel in a woods. It was very creepy, but curiosity took over and she entered, flitting from room to room past decaying beds, wardrobes, cupboards and carpets. It was the combination of excitement and being scared that did it for her. She discovered great beauty in the way nature had taken over these places, turned a man made structure back into something more organic. Each different, unique and enchanting to her, telling tales of their past.
From then on she was hooked and now travels throughout Europe looking for that perfect building, an undiscovered gem waiting to be uncovered. Now, of course, she has better equipment than that first cheapo compact camera. What’s next for Maša Kores? She has her 1st solo exhibition in Ljubljana (from 9.1.2013 till 8.2.2013). She also wants to meet the others who share her interest, new guides to show her unseen treasures before they are lost to the developers or vandals. One thing is for sure, you will always find her looking for new discoveries!
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