Magical Reflections on Soap Bubbles

Magical Reflections on Soap Bubbles

Though Richard Heeks first caught the world's attention when he captured the exact moment when a bubble bursts (see Reflection Perfect, immediately below), you'd be surprised to find out that the Huddersfield, UK-based photographer actually got into photographing soap bubbles for a completely different reason. Inspired by a scene in the movie Blade Runner, where there's a close-up shot of the human eye with fire reflected on the pupil and iris, Heeks decided he wanted to try his hand at photographing reflections in the eyes. One day, however, that all changed. He just so happened to blow soap bubbles and noticed how strangely beautiful the reflections appeared. "I got kind of obsessed with trying to photograph the reflections and trying all kinds of different bubble mixtures and photography techniques," he tells us.
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