Iconic Business Cards Of The Rich And Famous

Iconic Business Cards Of The Rich And Famous (11 photo)

They do say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but that doesn’t always apply when it comes to business cards. They’re designed to make a statement, generate impact and leave you with an impression.
Some would say that Zuckerberg’s first attempt left a lot to be desired, but as you’re about to see, there’s no doubting the retro cool of Bill Gates’s card or the bling bling of Donald Trump faux gold foil business cards.
Our personal favourite though has to go to Kevin Mitnick – a convicted criminal and serial hacker, who’s business card (it’s actually a lock pick tool set) is just as startling as the illegal feats he accomplished. Way back in 1995 he single-handily hijacked and broke into the servers of the likes of Motorla, Fujitsu and even Nokia stealing vital information and data.

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