Skateboards Transformed Into Immensely Beautiful Sculptures

Skateboards Transformed Into Immensely Beautiful Sculptures

Here’s a fantastic example of re-purposed art. Based in Tokyo, sculptor (and skateboarder) Haroshi is the talented individual behind these immensely beautiful works of art.
Skateboards are built using several layers of coloured laminated wood, compressed together then stacked on top of each other. After several broken skateboards had been split open, Haroshi noticed these coloured stripes and began to saw his old skateboards down into separate pieces. From there he started using all the tiny fragments and sawn off pieces to build and create his sculptures piece by piece.
A time-consuming and complex process for sure, but one which we think results in some fantastic visual works. He’s created sneakers, skulls and even characters (like a skateboarding cat!) and to date, he estimates he’s created over 40 different designs.
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