Hilarious 'Fake' Skittles TV Ad

Hilarious 'Fake' Skittles TV Ad  (1 photo + 1 video)

Do you remember Skittles from your childhood? I do. Those rather yummy rainbow coloured balls of candy that came in a variety of fruity flavours, sealed tight in a packet that was coloured fire engine red.
I even remember their “Taste The Rainbow’ mantra / tagline.
Well it seems someone out there has taken the concept of “Taste The Rainbow” to a whole new (and hilarious) level.
Let’s just say the video you’re about to watch:-
1. Is never going to make it onto TV
2. The Sweetest Honeymoon Ever…is NOT what you think!
3. You’ll want to share it because it’s that good.
4. Yes, it’s safe for work.

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