Beautiful Basalt Cliffs of Los Organos, Spain

Beautiful Basalt Cliffs of Los Organos, Spain


Los Organos is located in the island of La Gomera in the northern coast of Peru, about 15 minutes away from Mancora. These spectacular rock formations are considered to be one of the most beautiful basalt formations on the Canary Islands. The slender cliffs rise up out of the sea to a height of 800 metres and a width of 200m. The pillars look very similar to organ pipes, and hence the name Los Organos. These are the remains of vast lava masses of a once powerful volcano. As the lava cooled down it crystalized into these hexagonal looking pillars. Over time, erosion exposed the rocks, forming them to a natural work of art. Because the cliffs drop steeply into the sea, the only way to see Los Organos in all their might, is by taking a boat tour.

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