Halo 4 Punishes Sexism

Halo 4 Punishes Sexism


Sexism is not okay! Simple concept, right? Yet every time I sign onto Xbox LIVE, I encounter sexism the likes of which I would never see anywhere else. Entire lobbies erupt into riotous cat-calls of “show me your boobs” and “get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!” Guys who get headshotted by a female player throw around the nastiest and most disgusting misogynistic slurs, slurs that wouldn’t be acceptable if uttered anywhere else in the civilized world. There’s no denying that the online shooter community has become one of the most disgusting cesspools of bigotry and prejudice the modern world has ever seen, and the Halo 4 dev team is stepping up to say that this is not okay.

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