Relax in a Bee Fashion with These Bloom Flower Chairs

Relax in a Bee Fashion with These Bloom Flower Chairs


Itching for a touch of the tropics? Inspired by the Hibiscus flower, these Kenneth Cobonpue Bloom chairs feature a flamboyant floral motif that's true to their muse. These stunning seats are handmade of microfiber, painstakingly shaped with thousands of fine stitches spreading out from the center of the seat, creating the look and feel of a flower in full bloom. The material is stretched over a resin top and a steel base, bringing stability and durability to the design. And like the Hibiscus flower that lures you with its vibrant colors and sweet scent, these flower chairs also come in bright hues including yellow, red, lime green, moss green and black, beckoning you to lean in a little closer and take a seat. The Bloom chair is available in Easy Armchair and Club Chair designs. Mix and match different colors and styles to create a lively garden of seating in your home. Check out the Bloom chairs by visiting Kenneth Cobonpue.

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