Art Made With Rubik's Cubes

Art Made With Rubik's Cubes (15 photo)


In case you were wondering how many Rubik’s Cubes it would take to make a 19′ x 8′-6″ (5.7m x 2.5m) portrait of Martin Luther King, wonder no more! Artist and interactive designer Pete Fecteau has guessed that you will need 4,242 officially licensed cubes.

Fecteau’s work entitled “Dream Big” weighs a total of 454kg (1000 lbs) and features painstakingly twisted Rubik’s Cubes that come together to form small mosaic swatches of colour that blend together to create an overall image. The construction process took over 40 hours and cost a total of nearly $9,000.00 (most funds were raised through Photography by Paul L. Newby II.


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