Popstars Before...And After Lady Gaga

Popstars Before...And After Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, a true pop icon for a new generation. (And she just so happens to be my personal favorite human being in the world).
Her worldwide appeal and meteoric rise to superstardom has at times almost been utterly immeasurable. And whilst many draw comparisons to a modern day Madonna, you can’t deny her immense talent, sharp wit and genuine sense of fun – if it all ended tomorrow, you know she’d be the first to admit she had a blast doing it.
But perhaps most significantly, she’s made the entire industry step up their game. Britney in her bikini, snake wrapped around her washboard abs lip-syncing away, won’t cut it. Beyonce can’t relate to “all the single ladies” anymore…even Katy Perry has stopped kissing girls.
So how DO you compete with the global juggernaut that is Gaga? Well it seems several of those aforementioned celebrities have decided that “if you can’t beat her, join her!”.
We take a look a 5 female pop stars and their looks BEFORE Lady Gaga burst onto the scene….and AFTER.
Sheer coincidence or a desperate attempt to steal the crown of popularity, from the true Queen Of Pop?
You decide.
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