The Most Insane Special Effects In A Movie Ever

The Most Insane Special Effects In A Movie Ever

When it comes to movies laden with special effects – the ones that REALLY changed the way you view films (forget the latest round of 3D films), you’d have to look at Terminator 2 (with the mercury reforming T1000), Keanu Reeves slow-motion sequences in The Matrix, the mind bending gadgetry of Transformers, the life-like dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and obviously Star Wars – which was literally lightyears ahead of the technology at the time.
But now, alongside those epic SFX blockbusters, you can surely place the Indian movie ‘Robot’.
Simply imagine a mashup of Iron Man, I, Robot & Bicentennial Man set to the score of Academy Award-winning composer A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) and you have one of the most hotly anticipated films in India.
The plot is simply enough “A gifted scientist constructs an equally gifted robot, who sets out into the world for the first time with some unexpected and mind-blowing consequences.”
To be perfectly upfront we have a very limited knowledge of Bollywood films – but when we saw the trailer for this, we thought it looked not only insane but utterly hilarious too. So if you like what you’re about to see – go hunt it down and check it out.
With that in mind, check out the video and prepare for eye-candy and sensory overload!
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