Gigantic & Spectacular Walls Of Morphing Cubes

Gigantic & Spectacular Walls Of Morphing Cubes

Imagine a 148ft wide and 24ft high wall comprised entirely of mechanized Styrofoam cubes, indivudally controlled to create visuals beyond your wildest dreams. Well, imagine no more, because Korean media artist group JônPaSang have made it into reality – it’s called The Hyper-Matrix.
Below is a video of the installation filmed at the 2012 Yeosu EXPO exhibition, where it’s appearance was funded by Hyundai Motors. As a result, the cubes create animations and scenes that feature all kinds of Hyundai imagery, from cars, to landscapes and logos. It too over 2 months to build, design and construct the entire installation.
It is, in short, quite breathtaking.
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