Inside A $20 Million Dollar New York Apartment

Inside A $20 Million Dollar New York Apartment

They say money can’t buy class, but that’s not the case in our latest feature.
There are literally thousands of unbelievable penthouses in New York – but few are as fantastic as this. Let’s start with the specs, it has a 24ft high ceilings and it’s position directly overlooks Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History.
It’s current owners are tremendous supporters of the arts, that they contracted Madrid-based painter and artist Ramon Canet to coat the 24ft high ceiling with bursts of colour deep blues and rich yellows, whilst George Nakashimi (one of the leading top woodworking artists of the 20th century) added his distinctive touch to several items of the furniture. Oh and did we mention the fireplace dates back to the 17th century?
You can see more stunning view size photos of the apartment from the Daily Mail, it’s recently been featured because the apartment itself is actually listed for sale. But you’d better be quick, because even if you DO have a spare $20,000,000 lying around, an apartment of such style and class it won’t be on the market for long.
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