Dazzling Animated GIFs Designed To Mesmerise You

Dazzling Animated GIFs Designed To Mesmerise You

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re huge fans of the humble “Animated GIF” it’s recent revival and reinterpretation as a form of art, has lead to some seriously ingenious and other worldly uses. Like bringing 22 Of Your Favourite Album Covers To Life, recreating Famous Scenes From Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films and even coming together to form a music video.
Don’t even get us started on these 24 cinemagraphs featuring the work of Stanley Kubrick.
So you can imagine how excited we were, when we stumbled across a Tumblr photo blog called “40Licks” (clearly the artist is a Rolling Stones fan) and saw they’d been creating and sharing some really mind-blowing animated GIFs.
But perhaps best of all and in the spirit of making something new out of something that already exists, you can even upload your own image and ask them to create a GIF for you.
Now THAT is seriously cool.
Here’s a few of our personal favs from their collection, but head over to the 40Licks Tumblr account for even more eye-candy goodness.
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