Artist Shows his Progression from 2 Years old to 25

Artist Shows his Progression from 2 Years old to 25


Some artists begin creating masterpieces purely by accident or as an unintended outcome of something else, but Hong Kong born artist Marc Allante has been dedicated ever since he was 2 years old. Seeing how popular his recent lion painting was, the artist decided to show the 25 years it took to get there. Starting with the portraits of his grandma (“oma”) and grandpa (“opa”), the stream ends with a fascinating colorful lion, drawn at the age of 25. Marc’s work today is a modernist fusion of Eastern and Western art traditions, as the guy has lived in Sydney and London as well, and is of French and Chinese ancestry. He mostly uses colorful dripping wet ink and combines it with minimalistic black silhouettes. Curiously, Martin never attended any art school and is completely self-taught. Seeing his dedication since he was a toddler, why would you need a teacher?

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