A Shocking Look At Hong Kong's Claustrophobic Apartments

A Shocking Look At Hong Kong's Claustrophobic Apartments


The world’s population is living longer and as a result space is getting smaller. That leads to expensive housing & cost of living, but due to the discrepancy in income across many parts of the developed world, it’s often the poor who live in the most restrictive and confined of spaces. That’s never been more apparent in capital cities like Hong Kong in China, choking under the weight of 7M people living in a space of 426 sq miles.
But stats don’t really put those kind of conditions into perspective, that’s why the Chinese Society for Community Organization have released these shocking photographs to help raise the public’s understanding and appreciation of the lives of those less fortunate.
Spaces so small that every millimetre of space is used to stack, store, house or hide something and yet for the people living in those conditions, they are simply grateful to have a roof over their heads at all.
What does it say about a nation, when the most disadvantage members of that society are forced to live in claustrophobic conditions similar to those of caged animals in a zoo?
For many in Hong Kong’s urban jungle – that’s their reality every day.
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