Would You Pay $110 to Eat a Meal Made of Dirt?

Would You Pay $110 to Eat a Meal Made of Dirt?

In general, restaurants avoid dirt in their food, lest they raise the ire of paying customers and/or the health board. But a high-end restaurant in Japan is taking a different approach by serving a $110 full-course meal where dirt is actually the main ingredient.

At Ne Quittez Pas, a Southern France-inspired restaurant in Tokyo, Chef Toshio Tanabe is offering a menu that includes potato starch and dirt soup, a salad with dirt dressing, sea bass with dirt risotto, dirt gratin, dirt ice cream and dirt mint tea. (What, no dirty martini to wash it down?)
A fearless critic at RocketNews24 actually tried the pricey meal and found that it surprisingly didn’t taste like dirt. Instead, she described it as “divine,” “delicious” and at times “complex.”
Sorry, but we’re still not convinced. After all, $110 is a lot to pay for dirt when there’s plenty already in our backyard. Check out some photos of the dirt-y meal below.
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